Friday, November 21, 2008

You Can't Fake It On T.V.

Sarah Palin muffed several interviews and now all the conservatives are trying to turn history revision into an art. She blew the interview, OK???? She stated that John McCain is one to always vote for more regulation, and that is the opposite of the truth, so, you tell me, did she lie or was she just too stupid to realize that John McCain isn't Mr. Regulation? He admitted himself that he ALMOST ALWAYS votes for less regulation, which he calls big government. This is as opposed to big special interests. So if you vote to let them run amok, you get an economy like we have right now. It is not rocket science, it's simple math.
And if you are going to state something about your running mate, you better be sure you have studied the guy's record. She is being defended for her interview in which she made a stupid question about the Bush Doctrine. I can tell you, I read the whole damn thing and it still doesn't make sense to me. So, when she had a deer in the headlights look like she got doing it again (talking out her a** about a subject she didn't know about) when she asked, "In what regard?" She might as well have said, "What doctrine?"
NOW, quit trying to blame the interviewer. I am so sick of hearing the term, "Gotcha questions", since anything you don't know is a lack of information and comes from NOT studying your job, not the fault of the person who asked the question. After the first interviews, the McCain camp should have sat down with her and taught her anything she might get questioned about and she should have studied it and taken notes. Could you be the running mate of someone whose policies you didn't agree with? HELL NO! So, you better find out what someone who asks you to be his running mate believes in before you start counting your electee paycheck. She was trying to resonate, "Maverick", and "Change" even though her running mate never stated anything he was going to change (other than his address).

Is Sarah Palin Stupid? Let me say that she is running with a candidate that far outreaches her intelligence and experience and here he is:

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